Luminescent paints
Accumulate light and glow in the dark. Depending on the purpose, they are suitable for fabric, glass, natural flowers, metal, wood, plastic, road markings.
Fluorescent paints
Visible fluorescent paints glow in ultraviolet light. Used to coat fabrics, plastics, glass, wood, stone, metal, road markings, and body art.
Luminescent pigment
Luminous pigment absorbs light energy and emits light in the dark. It can be charged from any source of light for 15-30 minutes, from UV light - 5 minutes. Afterglow time 6-12 hours.
Fluorescent pigments
Fluorescent pigment is a powdered dye. It emits light when exposed to ultraviolet rays, has a bright color in normal lighting.
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Luminous paints and pigments

glowing paint
Glowing paint
Ready to use product, luminous paint. The most suitable composition has been developed for different types of surfaces
Pigment Phosphor
Luminescent Pigment
The luminous pigment is used to make paint and other glow-in-the-dark products.

Fluorescent paints and pigments

Fluorescent paints
Visible fluorescent paints glow in ultraviolet light. Used to cover fabrics, plastics, glass, wood, concrete, stone, metal, road markings, and body art.
Fluorescent Pigments
Fluorescent pigment - powdered dye. It can emit light when exposed to ultraviolet rays, and has a bright color in normal lighting. It is used to change the color of the phosphor, as well as in interior design.

Invisible fluorescent paints and pigments

невидимая краска, светится только под уф
Invisible fluorescent paint is a great solution for decor or secret marking. The main feature of invisible paint is that it is practically invisible in daylight.
Invisible fluorescent pigments
Invisible dye powder is used to create colorless paints used for secret marking, as well as in interior design.

Glitter paints and sequins

Decorative sequins
Glitters (decorative sequins) are used in printing, for Christmas tree decorations, wallpaper production, airbrushing, in nail design, glitter tattoos, for hand-made, etc.
Glitter dye
Glitter paints
Glitter-based paint (glitter, shimmer), glistens in the light.

Pearl paints and pigments

Перламутрові пігменти ціна київ
Pearl pigment
Pigments give the paint a special pearlescent sheen.
Перламутрова фарба
Pearl dye
Iridescent mother-of-pearl paints for different surfaces.

Electroluminescent pigment

Electrophosphor buy
EL Powder
An electroluminophor is an inorganic powder that converts the energy of an electric field into light. It glows under electrical voltage and is used to make LED

Special pigments

Thermochromic pigment
Thermochromic pigment is a substance that changes color with temperature. By combining different thermochromes, the color of a mixture of pigments can change not just once, but many times at different temperatures.
Photochromic pigment
Photochromic pigment is a substance that changes color when exposed to sunlight.
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смывающаяся светящаяся краска

How to make glow-in-the-dark washable paint with your own hands?

More details

It turns out that life in the dark time of day can be as bright and colorful as in the daytime.

More details

Glowing in the dark paint

A new trend - luminous paint fascinates designers, architects and homeowners. Even in the darkest of times one must turn to the light. Apparently, this inspired many.

Paints that glow in the dark like a tornado hit the artists, captured the thoughts of the designers and swirled up the trend clouds in car tuning, refreshing the approach to the solutions that had already taken root. Turned out great!

Do you want to buy glowing paint? We can help you choose the perfect one for you and deliver it in required quantities. Types, properties and wide scope of application are listed below.

Types of paints and pigments: luminescent paint, visible fluorescent paint, invisible fluorescent paint, chameleon, thermochromic paint, photochromic paint, up-conversion phosphor. We can also offer a broad range of ready-made glow-in-the-dark products that you will definitely like.

Luminescent paints

Paint that saturates in the light and glows in the dark. They are really bright during the day and thanks to the light bring even more pronounced acid sensations. Most importantly they do not need any special lighting to glow. Everything is done by either daylight or artificial lighting. The paint "recharges" for 15-30 minutes and then glows in the dark for up to 10 hours. Another key point in the glow of the luminescent coating: intensity of saturation with light does not prolong the duration of the glow. This means that it does not matter if you "recharge" the material for 2 or 4 hours. It will glow bright and the same time in both cases.

Interesting fact

The phenomenon of luminescent glow also exists in wildlife. Luminous plankton, fish and insects have long fascinated people. And some areas, due to the large population of such luminous inhabitants, have long become attractions among tourists.

Visible fluorescent paints

Bright paint, glowing in the dark fluorescent type has one secret. It looks very bright in day light and at dusk because it reflects light. But the most impressive effect it has is when you turn on the ultraviolet lamp.The peculiarity of this paint is a bright glow in UV rays. Also, like the first type of paint the luminescent coating has a wide range of colors: from blue to deep pink. Unlike fluorescent paints, this one glows for as long as necessary. It is important for the source of ultraviolet light to be always on.

Interesting fact

Additives with fluorescent pigment are discovered without exception in all antifreeze manufacturers. This allows you to accurately diagnose the cooling system for leaks. 

Invisible fluorescent paints

The title of the most mysterious paint goes to the invisible fluorescent. In ordinary light it has either a white or transparent structure. With a UV light source it glows and acquires a brighter shade. But invisibility has its price. A product of this type has a narrower range of colors and depending on the taste of perception, it glows differently. The brightest colors are yellow and light blue. As for the duration of the glow, like the previous type of paints they glow as long as the ultraviolet rays fall on them. You can also buy luminous paint of an invisible type on our website.

Interesting fact

Plans are of green color thanks to a special substance - chlorophyll. The most interesting thing is that under ultraviolet this substance behaves differently. It produces a rich red color.

Chameleon paint
It is special - it changes its color depending on the angle of illumination. Unlike previous types of coatings it does not glow in the dark. Instead it has the amazing property of changing its shade as the viewing angle changes.

7 properties of luminous paints that make them best for decoration:

1. High coating strength. They stay well on different surfaces from wood to metal.
2. Color saturation. Depending on the selected shade, you get an equally saturated color under normal conditions and when it glows in the dark.
3. Homogeneous structure. It sticks well to the surface and glows evenly.
4. Environmental friendly. The coating is safe for humans and the environment after drying. Including skin contact. You can even use it for body-art.
5. Weather resistance. All materials for outdoor and specialized works are resistant to wind, rain, sun and low temperature.
6. Fast drying. The quick drying property is an important detail in any job department.
7. Detergent resistance. A material with such properties is used to decorate dishes, clothes and exterior finishes - one of the most important properties of coloring agents for this purpose.

Ordinary solutions in a new light: where to buy luminous paint for your purposes

Choose and order paints in the Lumi-light online store.

Glowing paint applications areas:

  • Exterior decoration of buildings
  • Interior decoration and interior design: walls, ceilings, floors
  • Painting decorative elements: dishes, aquariums, figurines, etc.
  • Metal coating
  • Body art
  • Coating of plastic surfaces
  • Fabric painting
  • Coating of stone and concrete
  • Road markings
  • Money marking
  • Coating of glass surfaces
  • Car tuning
  • Painting bicycle and motorcycle transport
  • Coating of wooden surfaces, furniture decor

Glowing paint retail and wholesale from Kyiv, Ukraine.

We offer a wide range of paints and pigments for retail and wholesale customers. The cost of paints at retail is presented on the website in the product cards. As for cooperation with wholesale buyers, we always offer favorable competitive prices depending on the volume of the order.

Buy glowing paint now, place an order on the site and get a high-quality product with a glow effect at a bargain price. We guarantee high quality of final materials and timely deliveries all over the world. Lumi-light is your reliable supplier of high-quality luminous paint in Ukraine.