Pigment that glows in the dark
  • 10 g.
    100 UAH
  • 500 g.
    1 400 UAH
  • 1 kg.
    2 800 UAH
  • 100 g.
    400 UAH
  • Classic color during the day
  • White color during the day
  • Red color during the day
  • Orange color during the day
  • Yellow color during the day
  • Green color during the day
  • Turquoise color during the day
  • Blue color during the day
  • Pink color glows in the dark
  • Purple color during the day
  • 10 g.
    100 UAH
  • 500 g.
    1 450 UAH
  • 1 kg.
    2 900 UAH
  • 100 g.
    450 UAH
  • Classic color during the day
  • White color during the day
  • Red color during the day
  • Orange color during the day
  • Yellow color during the day
  • Green color during the day
  • Turquoise color during the day
  • Blue color during the day
  • Pink color glows in the dark
  • Purple color during the day
  • White color during the day

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Properties and characteristics of the phosphor

The main property of the luminous pigment is the absorption of light energy, and its glowing in darkness. Moreover, the source of such energy can be either the sun or any artificial light source.

Luminescent pigment

6 key properties of glow powder that make it perfect for creating paint:

  1. Glows in the dark
  2. Changes color depending on the lighting (some types of pigment are white in daylight, and at night it has a color shade)
  3. Wear resistance
  4. Weather resistance
  5. Detergent resistance
  6. Safety for human health and the environment

Some interesting facts

Multi-colored phosphors are also used to decorate frescoes. And in daylight and in the dark, the walls are incredibly beautiful. As a rule, mosaic elements are initially painted, and then, after drying, they are laid on the walls, and not vice versa.

The secret of shades: what color of pigment to choose

Conventionally, phosphor powder can be divided into 2 types:

  • white in the daytime, colored in the dark
  • and in daylight and darkness it has a color structure (although it is brighter in the dark)

Choose the right pigment on our website depending on your goals and create the most diverse colorful coating.

Also, in the color range of powders, one can single out the “golden trio” of shades that give out the brightest glow in the dark. Even with the same light saturation with other colors. It is green, yellow and cyan.

And the most important, the price is the same as for powders of other shades. Pink, orange, red, blue, purple shades also glow in the dark, but a little less brightly than the Golden Three pigments. There is another variety, but we will talk about them a little later.

A few words about the size of the granules

The particle size of the powder is also a very important property of the pigment. The success of all painting works depends on this.

The grain size of the phosphor affects:

  • Distribution uniformity of particles in the base
  • Uniformity of glow and uniformity of paint
  • Glow intensity (the larger the granule, the brighter it glows)
  • Paint application method (large granules can clog spray guns)

Therefore, choose a pigment by considering the size of its granules. If you do not know where to get a phosphor applicable in all areas, place an order on our website. We have a product with particles of 15-35 microns, which are suitable for mixing with various bases, as well as for brushing and spraying.

Where can luminous pigment be used?

On an industrial scale, such a powder is used not only in the production of Nissan LEAF. It is used almost everywhere, from paper production to advertising and LED production.

If we talk about those areas where it can be used independently without industrial conveyors, then there are also many industries.

7 industries in which the phosphor is indispensable:

especially when working at home

  • Design of clothes, toys and souvenirs
  • Interior design
  • Exterior design, decoration of indoor and outdoor pools
  • Auto, motorcycle and bicycle tuning
  • For internal and road markings, phosphor powder is also used.
  • Production of printing materials and advertising boards
  • Decor of stone, metal and concrete surfaces

It is also used in great demand in body art. Drawings on the body with a glow effect look stunningly beautiful in the dark. And the most important, the paint is safe in contact with the skin and non-toxic.

5 main pigment properties that make it ideal for decoration:

  1. Wear resistance for decades
  2. Duration of glow after saturation with light up to 8-12 hours
  3. Weather resistance
  4. Resistant to chemicals and detergents
  5. Non-toxic and safe for humans, animals and the environment

What is a phosphor

This is a phosphor pigment, which has better properties than similar ones.

A special production technology, selected rare earth metals and aluminum oxides in the composition make the powder the best in terms of longevity, luminosity and wear resistance.

Special Pigment:

  • Consists of the purest components, therefore it is safe for human health and the environment
  • Glows brighter than others that have received a similar dose of saturation with a light
  • Glows longer than others - up to 12 hours
  • Its granules glow evenly

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Phosphor in Ukraine for wholesale customers the price is lower

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Why it is beneficial to cooperate with us:

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Phosphor to buy retail customers

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