светящийся полиморфус
светящийся полиморфус
светящийся полиморфус
светящийся полиморфус


Scope of application

Car and motorcycle styling (Airbrushing)
Design and decor of interiors and exteriors
For making souvenirs and hand made jewelry
Construction, repair
For development and creativity
Night fishing


The kit includes: a unique plastic (polymorphus) and a dye that glows in the dark (phosphor 25-35 microns).

Polymorphus becomes flexible at a temperature of 65 degrees (Celsius), and at room temperature it becomes hard and very strong.

It is ideal for household repair, sculpting, modeling, field repair, auto repair.

Non toxicity
Increased strength
Weather resistance
Classic Blue
100 g.
White color during the day Classic Blue color glows in the dark
375 UAH
In stock
Mode of application

The easiest way to start working with Polymorphus is to take a glass bowl, pour boiling water from a kettle (about 90O) into it and pour plastic granules into it. As soon as the granules become transparent, Polymorphus is heated to the required temperature. Carefully, so as not to burn yourself with hot water, remove Polymorphus, for example, using a wooden stick. The plastic itself does not burn the hands due to the low thermal conductivity, but you should beware of hot water drops on your hands. In a plastic state, you can give Polymorphus any desired shape, make a detail, a figure and any other product. Gradually cooling down, Polymorphus becomes more rigid, but you can continue to adjust the shape of the product for quite a long time. If you need to quickly cool the received product, you can place it in cold water. After cooling, Polymorphus becomes similar in properties and appearance to ordinary white plastic.

Storage conditions and precautions

Store in a dark, dry place.


Polymorphus is not fragile, while it is quite strong and rigid. When Polymorphus is in a molten state, you can mix coloring powder pigments into it - then after hardening you will get the desired color of the plastic. Most importantly: Polymorphus can be used many times - after solidification, it can be heated again to a plastic state. And so it can heat up again and again many times!

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