Флуоресцентный пигментФлуоресцентный пигмент
Флуоресцентный пигмент
Флуоресцентный пигмент
Флуоресцентный пигмент
Флуоресцентный пигмент
Флуоресцентный пигмент
Флуоресцентный пигмент
Флуоресцентный пигмент

Fluorescent pigment

Scope of application

Car and motorcycle styling (Airbrushing)
Design and decor of interiors and exteriors
Advertising, signs
For making souvenirs and hand made jewelry
Construction, repair
For development and creativity
Decorative finishing of different surfaces
Road markings


Fluorescent reflective pigment is a powdered dye in bright "acid" colors.

It has the property of glowing when exposed to ultraviolet rays, has a very bright color in normal lighting due to the fact that it partially reflects the light falling on it.

Due to their spectacular appearance and ease of use, fluorescent pigments are very widely used. They are used in design, advertising, road markings, car and motorcycle styling, etc., in general, wherever you need to attract attention. Also, a fluorescent pigment is used to change the color of the afterglow of the phosphor.

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Mode of application

To prepare a fluorescent paint, you need to mix the fluorescent powder with a clear varnish matched to the surface. Pigment should be poured 10-15% by weight. As a carrier, you can use varnish and other substances with a transparent, viscous medium, for example, glue, silicone, wax, liquid glass, etc. The fluorescent pigment does not dissolve in the carrier, but is weighed. When working with fluorescent paint, it should be thoroughly mixed until a homogeneous mass is obtained before and during application. This is necessary to get an even color and glow.

Storage conditions and precautions

Store in a dark, dry place.


The substrate (base) can be made any, but light, and especially white is best suited, as it reflects and additionally "directs" the light of the luminescent and fluorescent glow to the viewer. And black, as you know, absorbs light. Therefore, on a white background, the brightness will be 30-50% higher than on a black one, and therefore, on a light background, the brightness of the glow will be higher compared to a dark background. Characteristics: Specific gravity 1.36. The particle size is 3-4 microns. Melting point 130-140 ºС. Decomposition temperature 190 ºС. Oil absorption 50 g/100 g.

The orange table tennis ball is clearly visible even in the dusk. And all because a special pigment, a phosphor, has been added to the composition of the plastic. It is a powder that accumulates light during the day and glows at night. The fluorescent pigment is somewhat similar to it in its properties. It also glows in the dark, however, under certain conditions: if UV rays fall on it.

Types of fluorescent powder

Such pigments are of two types: visible and invisible. What does it mean? In the first case, the powder, both in daylight and in ultraviolet light, has a bright saturated shade of different colors.

A powder with an invisible structure is not completely "invisible". In daylight, its granules are white, and in ultraviolet light, a bright color tint. True, in a less wide color spectrum than visible pigments.

Visible powder properties:

  • Brilliant color glow under UV rays
  • Safe in contact with human skin
  • Powder-based paint is much more visible in daylight conditions, in the shade compared to conventional paint
  • Glows intensely when exposed to UV light
  • invisible pigments:
  • Invisible in the daytime
  • Safe in contact with human skin
  • Glow intensely under ultraviolet light

A unique blue diamond was recently listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Its value was 29.6 carats - an unprecedented figure for a stone in blue. In addition to stunning aesthetics and a unique shade, these stones have another funny property - they glow under the influence of ultraviolet rays. Just imagine this glow - natural fluorescence in all its glory.

10 Key Industries that Use Pigment

  •  Making handmade soap. Awesome idea for personalized gifts
  •  Car styling and tuning, as well as airbrushing. The fluorescent powder is added to a special automotive paint finish to create stunning effects on the car body.
  •  For painting a variety of souvenirs, figurines, masks, jewelry, because the style is known in detail
  •  To cover fresh and artificial flowers
  •  In the printing industry and various promotional products
  •  For wall painting, in painting
  •  For decoration and painting clothes
  •  For the manufacture of ordinary wallpaper and photo wallpaper
  •  For interior design
  • For marking indoors

This is just a small list of areas in which pigments that glow in ultraviolet have proven themselves in the best way.

How to make paint with ready-made powder

Creating an idea is only half the battle. It still needs to be implemented. The most important thing in painting walls and objects with such paint is to properly prepare the coloring mixture.

What are pigments mixed with?

This additive is mixed with acrylic varnish and a special wax-based emulsion.

How to breed:

The maximum concentration of the powder in relation to the base should be 15%, the minimum 5%, the ideal 10%. Moreover, the greater the amount of powder in the mixture, the richer the color will be.

How to apply the finished paint:

Use a brush, sponge or air glyph for this. The strokes must be hard.

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