An electroluminophor is an inorganic powder that converts the energy of a field connection into light.

Electrophosphor is used in the production of LED light emitting diodes.

Particles glow, under which fields are detected.

The electroluminophor consists of activated rare earth phenomena based on zinc sulfide compounds.

Electroluminophor is the most difficult to manufacture of all types of phosphors.

The following is a brief structure for making EL phosphor LEDs and some specifications.

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1 kg.
White color during the day Blue color when exposed to electricity
8 750 UAH
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Mode of application

LED electroluminophor is used for the manufacture of LED (light-emitting diode). LED can serve as a source of night, emergency, camouflage and advertising lighting, for illuminating LCD indicators and scales in the dashboards of cars, aircraft, on control panels for various purposes, in the scales of measuring instruments, radio and television receivers, telephone dialers and other products. For devices for displaying sign and graphic information in machine-building, instrument-making, aviation, space and other industries.

Storage conditions and precautions

Store in a dry and cool place.

In Uruguay, local geneticists have grown sheep that glow in the dark. In order for furry animals to light up, ultraviolet lamps are directed at them. This effect is called fluorescent glow. An excellent solution not to lose the herd in the dark. Electroluminophor, unlike fluorescence, works a little differently.

Why it shines and what the phosphor for LEDs consists of

This is a special pigment that is used in the manufacture of LEDs. Due to the influence of a strong electric field, it begins to glow. By itself, such a pigment has an inorganic structure - a powder based on zinc sulfide.


In the daytime, such a powder mixture has pale shades, but in the "work" all the paleness disappears, and the powder begins to glow

with bright saturated colors. It is the color of the glow that determines the types of powder. Also, the determining parameters when choosing a pigment are the brightness of its glow and particle size.

Where applicable

Most likely, not a day goes by that you do not see the results of using such pigments. Let's just say, phosphors for LEDs - that's what they are. Those. All LED lighting is "built" on electrically sensitive pigments. For example, a green light on a TV is just an LED that winks at you and reminds you that it is the green pigment that glows in it. As soon as the electric field disappears, the bulb turns off. That's exactly how it's set up.

Wherever LEDs are used, an electric phosphor is automatically used, namely:

  • In outdoor, street and industrial lighting electric phosphor
  • In outdoor advertising
  • For car tuning
  • As indicators in household appliances
  • In the agrosphere for greenhouses, for growing crops under the influence of artificial light sources
  • For stage light shows
  • To create lightning protection systems
  • For the development of lighting systems in vehicles

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