Антистоксовый люминофор
Антистоксовый люминофор
Антистоксовый люминофор
Антистоксовый люминофор

Up-conversion phosphor

Scope of application

Night firing
Invisible marking
Security systems


Anti-Stokes phosphor is a powdery particles of white and pinkish color.

Anti-Stokes phosphor (upconverting phosphor) converts longwave IR (infrared) 1.5-1.6µm, shortwave 0.8-1.02µm and IR range 0.9-1.07µm into visible color light .

Anti-Stokes phosphor are compounds based on oxides, oxysulfides, fluorides, yttrium oxychlorides and other elements activated with rare earth sites.

1 kg.
White color during the day Sky blue color in IR
21 000 UAH
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Mode of application

Application Since infrared light cannot be observed with the naked eye, this material has an anti-counterfeiting function. Since it is not easy to detect, anti-Stokes phosphor is used for covert marking. It is also successfully used in night vision devices to expand the IR spectral sensitivity of image intensifier tubes (up to 1.6 μm). In light-emitting diodes of various types (alphanumeric, universal matrix, discrete and digital-analog) for visualization of sign information in microcalculators, cash registers, electrical measuring instruments, computers, dispatcher consoles, automated control systems, etc. For visualization of infrared radiation and alignment of lasers, marking documents and securities, in semiconductor emitters for medical instrumentation.

Storage conditions and precautions

The proposed luminophores provide the stability of the parameters of the emitters during operation for 100,000 hours and the temperature range from -60°C to +70°C.


The up-conversion phosphor is available in three series: UCR, UCG and UCB The wavelength of the UC series anti-Stokes phosphor is 980 nanometers. Particle size 5-15 microns.

Do you know what snakes see in infrared? Even if you did not know this, then you definitely should have heard about infrared rays. These rays are invisible to the human eye. They are used for heating, optical protection and even for restoration work. And also - as a light source, under the influence of which certain phosphors glow.

Anti-Stokes phosphors - this is the name of a variety of pigments glowing under IR rays.

What does it consist of:

As a rule, the composition of such a pigment includes rare earth elements, as well as compounds based on sulfides, fluorides and oxysulfides.


They are distinguished by the color of the glow, as well as by the spectrum of radiation. depending on the wavelength.

Glow features:

In normal lighting, they have a transparent structure, and when an IR light source glows, they begin to glow with bright light: red, green, blue. Unlike ordinary phosphors, pigments of this type change the intensity of their glow.

And with low-quality elements, this happens quite quickly. In the Lumi-light online store, you can buy only high-quality anti-Stokes products, which in their light range stably glow for 100,000 light hours and longer.

Where is it applied?

You decide to buy a bag of rice from the store. We approached the cash register and the cashier shows you the cost of your purchase on the cash register. So you met with such a pigment “face to face”. It is for the visualization of signs on the cash register that it is used.

8 areas of application of the phosphor, in which it is indispensable:

1.      For the manufacture of indicator matrices of the light range

2.      For invisible marking

3.      In printing

4.      To protect securities

5.      In security systems

6.      In medical devices

7.      To control the thermal conditions of luminescent screens

Do you need a high-quality and reliable anti-Stokes phosphor?

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