We are looking for representatives in the regions and abroad. The product is new, interesting, and has a wide target audience.

Our clients:

Car service stations that are engaged in tuning, styling, car painting, wheel painting and airbrushing on cars and motorcycles.

  • Polygraphy, T-shirt printing centers and others
  • Interior and exterior design studios, landscape design, space design.
  • Art workshops, airbrushing, hand-made, glass painting, stained glass window personal studios
  • Building materials stores, building supermarkets.
  • Advertising agencies, outdoor advertising on transport (self-luminous tape oracal).
  • Florists, flower design studios, flower shops (luminescent paints for natural flowers are available).
  • Manicure salons, cosmetics shops (nail polishes that glow in the dark and under ultraviolet light).
  • Body art studios.

And many more, it is limited only by your imagination.

If you think about your own business, then glow-in-the-dark painting products are what you are looking for. A completely new idea, a trend that becomes fashionable and in demand on the market. The buyer needs an exclusive, something new and fresh. Luminous elements will allow you to stand out from the faceless masses and sparkle with lights at night. This product attracts with its originality.

A successful business requires two components: a unique idea (product or service) and a sales network. The first half of the job is done, the rest is only a matter of time. So if you're looking for a good business idea that's easy to implement, which doesn't require a lot of cash and has a large potential sales market, so congratulations! You have found it!

Beauty will save the world.


In order to get dealer discounts, you need to make an order in the amount of $1000 or more.

Dealer Benefits:

  • Dealer prices DOWNLOAD PRICE-LIST
  • Competitive advantage, as you are the only dealer of these materials in the region .
  • The dealer will be provided with material for making advertising samples.
  • We provide mixing and application technologies free of charge.
  • Reservation of your order, early notification of new deliveries.
  • Customers who approached us from your region will be directed to you, this will expand your customer base (except Ukraine).
  • Technical advice.
  • Information support about: product properties, customer search, sales, communication with potential buyers
  • Individual supply system of goods - coordinated, convenient and optimal.

Luminescent and fluorescent paints that you can buy in our shop are an environmentally friendly product. They do not contain phosphorus and are absolutely harmless to humans.

You can check the material safety data sheet (link below).

The product has all the necessary certificates, approvals, radiological and sanitary-epidemiological conclusion certificates (Ukrainian). You can check them out HERE.