невидимый флуоресцентный пигмент
невидимый флуоресцентный пигмент

Invisible blue

Scope of application

Design and decor of interiors and exteriors
For development and creativity
Invisible marking
Security systems


Fluorescent Invisible Pigment is a powder pigment that is invisible during the day but emits a bright light when exposed to ultraviolet rays.

Invisible fluorescent dye powder is used to create colorless inks that are used for secret marking, as well as in design.

25 g.
White color during the day Blue color in ultraviolet
600 UAH
In stock
Mode of application

The blue fluorescent invisible pigment is soluble in alcohol and water. To prepare an invisible fluorescent paint, you need to mix the pigment with a transparent varnish matched to the surface. Blue invisible pigment should be poured 10-15% by weight. As a carrier, you can use varnish and other substances with a transparent, viscous medium, for example, glue, silicone, wax, liquid glass, etc. The fluorescent pigment does not dissolve in the carrier, but is weighed. When working with fluorescent paint, it should be thoroughly mixed until a homogeneous mass is obtained before and during application. This is necessary to get an even color and glow.

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